About me

As a teenager I was fascinated by owning a computer and playing games.

Trying out different games on different platforms was a challenge in the past due to incompatibilities and various driver problems.

One day I got an advice to try out VMware Workstation on my small home computer with Intel Celeron and 2 GB memory.

After installing it for the first time several questions popped up in my head and for a short time I was thinking about giving up and starting a random game again.

But for a specific game crack I needed to try out an experimental change and I didn’t want to reinstall my Windows instance anymore. So I started exploring, googling, and playing with the features of VMware Workstation until I got my first virtual machine running Windows (of course with VMware Tools :)).

I realised that, although I could copy files between my workstation and the VM, it was an environment I could easily snapshot, recreate or destroy anytime I want. So I started testing and some weeks later I had some VMs for different use cases. Soon I needed an external drive for some VMs as I ran out of disk space and after a while I had to upgrade the memory to 6 GB.

That are the details I remember. After that my interest in IT grew enormously and virtualisation became my favourite.

Internships, apprenticeship, different hobbies – they all were IT related for me and enriched me with a lot of experience and joy.

Today, knowing VMware since 2004, I am helping customers through my employer with their virtualisation journey and getting them cloud-ready.

Together with the company VMware I evolved my knowledge, that’s why I am proud to have achieved following certifications and knowledge values:

[To be continued…]

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